Real-time Well Status


Real-time operational insight, provided by our affordable monitoring system, yields the necessary information to maximize your operational efficiencies.

Do you know if your well is online?

Reduce Lease Operating Expenses

If your well is offline and you do not know it, you are wasting production time and losing revenue. Our monitoring solution provides critical information to assist with scheduling required repairs when it may be more efficient and cost effective.

Swift ROI


The continuing evolution of technology is the enabler for our affordable, technically advanced, innovative solution. We have pushed the price point down to a level that now makes sense for all operators to know, in real-time, how their assets are performing and what to do to improve operational efficiencies.

Shelf Energy CEO Tom Poche - "The entire installation was less than one hour. Within the first few minutes of having the Dynamic Energy Sensing monitoring system online, we discovered a problem that had been costing us multiple barrels per day for several months. After collecting data for a couple of weeks, we identified additional mechanical issues with the well."

Production Optimization by Dynamic Energy Sensing

Dynamic Energy Sensing provides a fully managed, turnkey solution. You do not need to understand how to configure sensors, set up alerts, manage the system, etc.. Everything is done for you to allow you to use the information provided by our services to benefit your business.

Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) risk mitigation is at the top of our priority list so that our clients can do their part to be good stewards of the environment.

Dynamic Energy Sensing is advancing oilfield optimization and monitoring from expensive, legacy systems to state-of-the-art technology. Embracing continuing advancement in technology allows us to provide superior service at an affordable cost.

Security of your data is extremely important to Dynamic Energy Sensing. All data, from the sensor, through the system, and all the way to the end user is encrypted which keeps your data secure.


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